Fluffy Japanese Pancake in Chinatown

People are going wild for these Japanese souffle pancakes

“Chinatown Japanese dessert shop Taiyaki is drawing wildly long lines with a new menu item: fluffy souffle pancakes. People waited in a two-hour line to grab the pancakes last weekend, which come topped with sugar, butter, whipped cream, and syrup, or with matcha cream. The Chinatown restaurant at 119 Baxter St., between Canal and Hester Streets, is selling a stack for $7 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”

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Crumbs Bakery Is Back!

Crumbs filed for bankruptcy earlier this summer upsetting cupcake lovers across the nation. Come next Tuesday Crumbs will be reopening! A grand reopening celebration will be taking place at their 1385 Broadway location in the Garment District which has recently been repainted for the event. There are twenty five over locations including L.A, Chicago and Boston that will be having celebratory opening blowouts over the course of the next 20 days.

One of Crumbs Bakery’s new partners, TV host Marcus Lemonis, is eager for the relaunch to showcase his new bagel-croissant hybrid which is meant to encompass the “new, modern Crumbs experience.” This new fusion pastry coined “baissant” with be found in stores next to the “Crumbnut,” a reinterpretation of the Cronut. The idea of introducing these new pastry mash-ups was to diversify the product mix beyond just the scope of cupcakes. There will also be some new cupcake flavors though such as salted caramel and key lime. A few other new non-cupcake offerings will include frozen desserts, cookies, gluten-free options and Crumbs chocolate bars.

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Rescue Plan for Crumbs Bakery

Marcus Lemonis, star of the CNBC show and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam Enterpries, decided to take action when Crumbs Bakery closed their doors last week. Lemonis is devising a plan to attempt to rescue the bakery by partnering with owners of ice cream brand Dippin’ Dots to not only loan money but also to outline a new strategy which involves incorporating more products into a larger sweets shop beyond just cupcakes.

For the moment Lemonis is financing the chain to get their doors back open but is still working on a plan to really bring the company back to life. The owners of Dippin’ Dots are already investors in Crumbs whose ultimate goal is to buy the company. Lemonis is seeking to involve the founders of Crumbs, Mia and Jason Bauer, throughout the process even if it is only at an advising capacity.

Lemonis, who hosts a reality show based on helping troubled companies return to turning a profit, stated,  “I don’t believe a single (product) cupcake business is viable in the long term,” Lemonis said. “It was originally envisioned as a bake shop.” Hopefully Lemonis’ plan will be successful and enable Crumbs Bakeshop to recover, stay open and do a complete turnaround.

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Crumbs Bakeshop will serve Starbucks beverages at all locations

The cupcake bakeshop chain with 51 locations has just partnered with a dominant coffee company, Starbucks, of course! Crumbs will be the largest chain to serve Starbucks beverages outside the coffeehouse’s 17,651 store locations.
New York City will be first to debut the new duo in September

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Machine comes to Washington D.C.

Starting next month, things will become a little sweeter in the D.C. area after hours with a cupcake ATM machine. The “ATM” will be able to hold up to 600 cupcakes for $4 each that would be restocked periodically by Sprinkles staff. We also reported a few months ago about this cupcake ATM coming to New York very soon– a great add to the city! The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM concept started in Beverly Hills and has become a staple feature on the West Coast.
The cupcake ATM in Washington D.C. will be located at 3015 M St. NW

National Cupcake Expansion and Beyond

Despite the five year slow growth prediction of 3.7% reported by IBISWorld, a market research reporting firm, cupcake companies in the U.S. are planning a rapid expansion for national and internal growth. Magnolia Bakery is planning overseas expansion, Georgetown Cupcake recently opened a Soho location with eyes on Boston this year and Crumbs is planning for a 200 store expansion by 2014- up from their current 50.
What do you think of these sweet expansion despite the numbers reported? Do you think there is a way that cupcakes can still have the indulgent appeal while being a bit more health conscious?

Sprinkles Cupcakes brings 24-hour cupcake vending machines around Manhattan

If your walking through the Downtown, Midtown or Upper West Side area this summer, Sprinkles will be placing vending machines on the street for automatic cupcake service. Cupcakes in the vending machines will be restocked daily corresponding to the flavors of the day.
What do you think about this service? What other sweet foods would you like to see?