Can Chipotle Make a Comeback by Offering Desserts?


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It’s no surprise to anyone that Chipotle has had a hard time recovering sales after the infamous E. coli/Norovirus/Salmonella scandal. They have struggled with sales and gaining their customer loyalty back. However, an earnings call with investors this past Tuesday shows several new items that could help the struggling Chipotle. The chain is now testing the idea to add two new desserts to the menu; no specific details were released. The chain could also be getting a new face lift with a new restaurant design which has already been implemented in certain locations. New technologies for ordering was another item on the agenda at this investor call. Several new ordering options could soon hit stores as soon as January. These include table top ordering, pick-up time technology, and a new way to order and pay without even downloading an app. Lastly, Chipotle plans to end their investment with the growing Asian-Inspired concept, ShopHouse. However, plans are being made to investment in other concepts such as, Pizzeria Locale and Tasty Made. Will these changes be enough to help Chipotle get back on their feet and become a brand we can all trust again? Read the full story here.

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