Domino’s Pizza accused of wage theft of $567,000

Three Domino’s Pizza franchises have been accused of owing $567,000 in back wages and underpayments to workers.

Importantly, the lawsuit, filed by New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman, also lists Domino’s Pizza Inc (the franchisor) as a “joint employer” in the case. “As our suit alleges,” Schneiderman said in a statement “we’ve discovered Domino’s headquarters was intensely involved in store operations, and even caused many of these violations.” Specifically, Schneiderman accused the Domino’s Pizza Inc. of being complicit in the underpayment by urging operators to use the company’s PULSE computer system, even though the company knew the system under-calculated gross wages.

Domino’s has counted these accusations by claiming it is not responsible for the employment practices of its operators.

The most recent lawsuit follows settlements with 12 other franchisees that operate 61 locations and have agreed to pay 1.5 million to date.

To learn more, click here

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