Instant Tortillas Are Worth $100,000, According to Kickstarter

flatev.0.0.jpgDubbed by many as “The Keurig of Tortillas,” the Flatev calls itself an “artisan tortilla maker,” and the people of Kickstarter want in.

The Flatev is a machine that makes one thing and one thing only – fresh corn tortillas from small pods of dough (all in under 90 seconds). It’s not the first oddly specific cooking device, and it definitely won’t be the last, but with Kickstarter funding of more than $100,000, they’ve already surpassed their own goals. As Eater points out, there is a certain precedent for Kickstarter projects like this to go awry, bringing in huge amounts of money without ever delivering. The “Coolest Cooler” was one of the best funded products on the site, but has yet to deliver to any backers. Hopefully fresh tortillas are easier to deliver than a cooler/blender/bluetooth speaker combo.

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What’s Next for Retail?

Retail Customer Experience, the online publisher of current retail news and research, just released their latest Whitepaper on what’s next for retail (and how to navigate your business there). It includes research and advice on mobile POS, inventory management, and omnichannel brand representation, including warnings about some of the pitfalls retailers face navigating new technologies.

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Reserve Goes after Instant Reservations

We’ve written a lot recently about the delivery wars currently being waged between competitors like Grubhub, Uber and Amazon, but less has been said about the battle to become the go-to reservation system. Current heavy hitters OpenTable and Yelp’s SeatMe have enjoyed a relatively open playing field for awhile, allowing each of them to acquire thousands of restaurant partners.

Reserve has been in the game since 2014, but has marketed its app as a restaurant “concierge” rather than a traditional reservation system. They partner with a much smaller list of restaurants (currently around 350), and users of the app provide a time window and a number of guests rather than making a reservation on the spot. Restaurants then confirm the time and Reserve alerts the user. Evidently with their eyes on a bigger prize, Reserve has now rolled out instant reservations at a subset of it’s current restaurant list. That subset may be small, but it includes impressive names like Russ & Daughter’s, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and Mission Chinese. Reserve’s Head of Restaurant Product, Peter Esmond, says that their focus is largely on creating a product that works better for restaurants by offering more flexibility and greater customer support.

While Yelp and OpenTable continue to go head to head, Reserve may quietly sneak up on them through the high-end market. Or they may just add a delivery feature and take on the world.

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