Restaurants and Bars May Soon Be Permitted to Sell Alcohol Before Noon on Sunday


Calling the it the “most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine” Governor Cuomo has proposed new regulations permitting restaurants and bars to sell alcohol before 12 on Sundays. A “hangover” from the Prohibition , the new law will be voted on next month by the legislature and could go into effect soon after.

If approved, booze at brunch (or breakfast even) would be legal across NY state as early as 8am.

The specialty-appointed panel who made the recommendation are part of a task force charged with modernizing state alcohol laws and cutting red tape.

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Amazon’s Latest Expansion Will be Under the Belt

Amazon’s latest expansion into the food market is the launch of its own private-label product lines. Amazon users and internet-scrollers (so just about everyone) can soon expect to hear a lot more about perishable goods marketed under names like Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime, and Mama Bear. The service, available only to Prime members, is scheduled to roll out as soon as the end of July/early June. Hopefully the e-commerce giant’s partnership will be a boost to local food retailers, providing an opportunity to expand customer base across the country.

While Amazon discreetly rolled out private-label lines under Amazon Basics in 2015, sales before were limited to electronic and tech parts. The latest expansion moves much further. Amazon has recently applied for trademark protection for a variety of foods including potatoes chips, chocolate, pasta, and granola.

The move will unfold just ahead of another Amazon food venture: its delivery service for which it is partnering with Tyson Foods.

So whether you choose to embrace it or curse it, Amazon’s latest expansion will certainly impact local food markets.

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