Grand Banks Boat Returns Next Tuesday

1451064622024.jpegFew things say warm weather is coming like outdoor dining. Or, even better, outdoor dining by the water. Or, if you really want to up the ante, dining on the water. Of course, the options for the latter are limited, but next Tuesday Grand Banks will return to Tribeca’s pier 25 with not just drinks but their full food menu as well.

Grand Banks is a seasonal restaurant located on a historic fishing schooner. They opened in 2014 to quick success, with lines occasionally extending down the pier to grab a seat for lobster rolls, fried oysters and the full bar menu. This year they are accepting reservations, so anyone headed out for an adventurous first-date meal need not worry to much about being stranded on the pier. There’s also a selection of new dishes, including friend Montauk blowfish tails and pan roasted oysters with bacon and ramps.

Click here for more information, or to make a reservation.

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