Postmates Moves Into Speedy Delivery (Your Move, Uber)

blog_header-pop@2x.jpgOn Monday, Uber announced that it would be canceling Instant Delivery – the lunch-only, 10-minute curbside delivery feature in New York . The tricky logistics of the service had largely been offloaded to featured restaurants, who estimated how many of a given meal would sell each day and sent the prepackaged lunches to Uber’s midtown office to be picked up and driven or biked around the city. Even so, the delivery company admitted they may have overreached a bit, and have cancelled the service to focus on the core of the UberEats business.

Whether by coincidence or an impressively quick strategic move, Postmates has now stepped up to the ultra-fast delivery plate, rolling out their 15-minute delivery service (called Postmates Pop) in NYC at 11 am today. The service has been available for almost a year in San Francisco, and Postmates has said that it will work exactly the same way in New York (although only from 34th Street to Battery Park). To begin, you can order through the service from Fuku, Harry and Ida’s and S’MAC. It’s unclear how they’ll clear the hurdles that brought down Uber Instant, but we’re pretty sure contenders will keep stepping up until at least one nails it.

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5/16: Master the Basics of Restaurant Accounting

Thinking of adding COO or CFO to your title? On May 16th, our very own Tara Berman, CPA, MBA, and Managing Partner at TaraPaige Group, will be joining the collaborative learning community Journee to teach the basics of restaurant accounting and controls. The class will provide participants with an accounting foundation that their restaurants can stand on, including all the tools to implement systems and procedures that can contribute to long-term financial success.

Tickets are free for Journee members, who also get access to a shared workspace and unlimited classes throughout the year.

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