What’s happening in Stadiums, the Unexpected Food Frontier

citi_field_fuku1.0.jpgAs baseball season gets underway, more and more attention is being drawn to an often overlooked part of the stadium experience: the food. It may take awhile to overcome associations with dry pretzels, standard-issue hot dogs and over-priced beer, but at least a few stadiums are trying to bring fans a better dining experience.

The clearest example is Citi Field, where (beginning April 8th), you can get David Chang’s Fuku fried chicken sandwich. The Fuku stand with have the spicy sandwich, as well as fries, Fuku fingers, and Milk Bar cookies. Yankee’s fan? Not to worry, Yankee stadium has new treats in store as well, including egg creams from Linda’s Brooklyn Style Egg Creams. If you’re into indulging as much as possible at the ball park, they’ve got plenty of artery-clogging specials as well.

This may still not compel non-baseball fans to sit through a full game, but it’s certainly an added bonus for those already heading out to a game.

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