Swiss Start-Up Wants to Bring You a Greener Soda

There’s no doubt that soda has an image problem which producers would love to tackle, but most of those efforts have centered around perceptions of health (or a lack thereof). One Swiss start-up, Climeworks, has an entirely different approach that could still provide  a PR boost to big-soda. Climeworks’ main business is carbon capture; specifically, developing technology for commercially viable ways to suck CO2 out of the air and repurpose it. One of those ways is by using that CO2 to carbonate beverages without burning any additional fossil fuels.

Of course, the CO2 trapped in soda cans doesn’t stay out of the atmosphere for long, and it would be hard to see much of a dent in atmospheric parts per million from this technology alone. But such technology would at the very least give soda a greener image – which could explain why “the biggest fizzy-drinks company in the world” is already mostly on board, according to a Climeworks rep.

To read more, click here.

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