Danny Meyer’s War on Airplane Food

18DELTA1-master675.jpgAlthough it seems unlikely that airline food will overcome it’s reputation any time soon, the partnership between Delta and Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group has at least shifted the conversation. In 2013, Delta began serving food from USHG’s Blue Smoke on a select few flights, and although there were a few hurdles along the way the feedback was mostly positive. Beginning March 1st, all customers on international flights in the Delta One cabin will now be able to enjoy an updated menu from Carmen Quagliata, which tosses out some of the airline food standbys like reheated, textureless pasta and instead aims to work within the limitations imposed by small spaces and packaging. This means no more chunky soups or fried garnishes, but plenty of purees and roasted vegetables.

John Harenda, the VP of operations for USGH, has set a lofty goal for this new menu. “We want passengers to say, ‘This is great food’ — not, ‘This is great food for an airline,’ ” he tells the New York Times. Of course, the real news will be when these dishes are available in coach as well – for now, economy passengers will have to settle for smelling Quagliata’s food from the Delta One cabin.

To read more, click here.

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