Dominique Ansel’s Next Tasting Menu

16-dominique-ansel-004.w600.h400Dominique Ansel’s after hours tasting menu at his West Village bakery will focus on highlighting a century of different “American Dreams.” Tickets go on sale Friday, February 19th and Dominique Ansel Kitchen will have seatings through the month of March. The meal costs $85 with an additional $45 for cocktail pairings and $1 for a slice of pizza.

The first course will include a golden nugget of sourdough bread pudding and salted Acacia-honey ice cream. The first course theme is the California Gold Rush. Another course ties with “White Picket Fence,” in reference to the 1950s. In front of each garden there are treats of passion fruit and pickled persimmon with Mishmash and shiso, sake-marinated jicama, confit strawberry, cherry tomato, and chervil. Another course to represent the “American Dream” is a course called “#GoingViral.” It comes with a manchego semifreddo sheep with a Marconi-Almond olive oil sable cookie and quince jam.

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