Minibar, Drizly, and Amazon Want to Keep your Champagne Popping


If you’ve taken the New York subway recently, you may have noticed the seasonal ads for Minibar, the alcohol delivery service that has been expanding rapidly the past few months, first by acquiring competitor Booze Carriage in March, and then by launching a subscription service for recurring orders in October. Minibar claims to have the largest share of the New York market, but that’s difficult to confirm. They certainly have plenty of competitors out there who are looking for a piece of the alcohol-delivery pie.

Most notably, and perhaps most threateningly to Minibar, is Amazon. Until early this month, Amazon only offered 1-hour booze delivery in Seattle, but as of December 9th New Yorkers with a Prime subscription can take advantage of the service as well.  Amazon is billing it as part of their Prime Pantry, so you can stock your party with other necessities like paper towels and Swiffers as well.

A third option is Drizly, which has a larger share of the Boston market, but is also available in parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Both Drizly and Minibar work by partnering with local liquor stores, listing their offerings via their app and website by zipcode, and taking a percentage of sales. Which service emerges as the market leader in New York may come down to who snatches up those local partners the fastest, but Minibar is also bolstering their business by providing other services – their website includes a party-planning feature to make sure you’re well stocked for any event, and if you feel intimidated by all those bottles you can even rent a bartender through their site.

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