El Atoradero Opens in Brooklyn


In 2014, Underground Gourmet ranked chef Lina Chavez’s El Atoradora taqueria their best “Cheap Eats” Mexican restaurant, and locals have been flocking to the Bronx spot for years for the delicious carnitas, fresh salsa and daily specials, all served next to favorite bodega offerings. Brooklynites now have their own version to look forward to, with a lot more elbow room and a full bar to boot. El Atoradora Brooklyn is now open at 708 Washington Avenue.

The restaurant is currently in soft-open mode, so only wine and beer will be available for now and the menu is still limited. But guests can look forward to Chavez’s albondigas enchipotladas (meatballs in chipotle sauce), Pueblan-style chalupas, and an assortment of tacos and quesadillas on handmade tortillas. If the open kitchen doesn’t get your mouth watering, you’ll also be able to wash all that down with a range of Mexican spirits, from the expected tequilas and mezcals to the less familiar but equally delicious racilla. And expect a mean margarita as well, if pictures and reputation are anything to go by.

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