The Chocolate-Bone Broth No One Saw Coming


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Trends have a way of folding in on themselves – stretching their own limits and testing their customers taste buds in the process. Bone broth, the trendy hot health drink which took off last winter with Marco Canoro’s Brodo is the latest example. This year, Canoro is teaming up with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream on Rivington (which also opened last year) to open a pop-up window shop with some unexpected new mashups.

In addition to the full Brodo broth menu, the shop will offer the “What Came First” (organic egg yolk, freshly grated nutmeg, organic chicken broth), a savory take on eggnog, and the “St. Nick” (bitter chocolate, beef broth, coconut milk). Canoro calls the savory-broth-cocoa “fucking outrageous,” which is a bargain at $7.75 for ten ounces. TBD on whether New Yorkers will take to this combo the way they did to the original broths, but who knows what’s possible in this post-chocolate-and-bacon-trend world. At least customers can still tout the health benefits of the broth, with the added kick of dark chocolate.

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