Port Authority to Get an Upscale Food Court

Few people think of going to Port Authority unless they absolutely have to, let alone hosting a business lunch or out of town guests there. That may not change in the near future, but the bus terminal is trying to make your Greyhound layovers a little more swanky by adding an upscale food court with three “diverse, high-end dining options,” according to a recent press release.

The Board approved OHM Concession, which operates airport food courts all over the country, will be renting space near the ticketing entrance on a 10 year lease totaling just over $15 million. This price is a good deal higher than any existing vendors pay for the same area.They plan to start construction in February, but there is no word yet on exactly what restaurants will go into the space.

This particular lease is part of the Port Authority’s “Quality of Commute” program, which includes more general plans to improve the space over the coming years by adding more cell phone service, WiFi, and new restrooms. The program should run around $90 million overall.

To read more, click here.


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