Starbucks Launches New Drink

d1w7SX2t-4912-3654As Autumn begins, and as Winter approaches, seasonal flavored lattes are back on the menus at Starbucks. Starbucks, today, introduced their first new autumn espresso beverage in four years- Toasted Graham Latte. The new beverage can be found in all United States and Canada locations.

R&D manager Yoke Wong, creator of the new drink, remarks that her inspiration was from an unusual place. “I thought about the back-to-school season and looked at the latest food and beverage trends, What i found to be quite popular in the U.S. is the taste of cereal milk, the delicious leftovers in your breakfast bow;” With this trend, Wong soaked graham crackers in milk to replicate the taste of cereal and learn about the milk’s texture. She also took inspiration from Fior di Latte, a flavor that many Italian gelato shops offer. “It’s like a smooth vanilla crème and is very popular.”

The Toasted Graham Latte, TGL, is an espresso beverage with steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream and finished with sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles. This fall-inspired drink will be available through the end of October or until supplies last.

To read more, click here.

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