David Chang Continues to Surprise with Fuku+

imageDavid Chang’s Fuku opened this past summer and has instantly dominated social media and headlines with its spicy chicken sandwich. Today, David Chang had announced that a new restaurant is opening called Fuku+. While Fuku had a limited menu offering only spicy chicken sandwiches, salads, and fries, the newly opened Fuku+ has a much larger menu. Fuku+ will serve fried chicken bites with “JD sauce”, salt and pepper shrimp, a Sichuan pork flatbread, and ranch and oriental salads. Customers can also order the $400 Fuku XXL with prior reservations that serves 4-8 people. It includes the signature spicy fried chicken sandwich, slow roasted pork butt, fried short ribs, sichuan pork bread balls, salt and pepper shrimp, french fries, the Fuku+ salad, daikon slaw, biscuits, and milk bar cookies.

A Momofuku representative has expressed how although the limited space on the 1st Ave location of Fuku can’t cater for a larger menu, this new location can host more and cater with more options. Fuku+ is open for lunch and dinner. Located on 15 W 56th St.

To read more, click here.

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