242 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Williamsburg) • 347.227.8424



Their Success… Depanneur is a market that has taken the time in getting to know the neighborhood they serve, they have even made tipping fun.  Just near the cashier, they have two tip jars of competing superheroes of the day, which allows the consumer to choose.  Depanneur does not have a large space, yet they have been able to stock the shelves and the cases with enough specialty goods and necessities for the local crowd.   Their product is mainly sourced locally and that is what the Williamsburg crowd seeks.  Products include Mast Brothers Chocolate, Mclure’s Chips and produce from Satur Farms.   They are the local go to market.   They have your staples to prepare a tasty salad, whip up a great pasta dish and if you are too lazy too cook, you can pick up an assortment of cheeses, charcuterie, made to order sandwiches and soups.  Any good market in Williamsburg needs to serve up a good cup of Joe and they do so with Intelligentsia Coffee.

What We Learned… Understanding the space you are in and how to maximize product selection.

Take Aways… Conceptualizing a business calls for a focus on the products you want to serve, the community you are serving and in maximizing the space that will allow your business to showcase and sell the products best.

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