NYC Health Department proposes permit and equipment changes to Mobile Food Operations

If the proposed regulations are adopted, permit holders, who may not always operate the cart or truck, will be required to appear in person when the cart or truck is inspected before the permit is issued. This will reinforce the role of the permit holder in adhering to high food safety standards. Unannounced inspections will continue to occur on the city streets during hours when vendors are operating so the Department can observe food preparation and handling. Tightened permitting procedures will also help the Department clamp down on the illegal renting of mobile food permits. Permit holders must notify the Department of all authorized vendors.

The changes, if adopted, will simplify equipment requirements that correlate to the type of food sold and cooking methods used to help vendors meet sanitary standards. A vending unit where raw meat is cooked, for example, has to be equipped with a sink for washing hands while a unit selling only prepackaged foods would not. Facilities that store trucks and carts overnight will have to maintain a daily log of the date and time vending units enter and exit.

Health Department Clarifies Regulations to Improve Mobile Food Safety Practices and Encourage Compliance

Potbelly Sandwich Shop opens their 10th NYC location in Midtown East

The toasted sandwich shop is really taking on New York City by storm with their cultured atmosphere, live music, and tasty menu which now features a new Mediterranean sandwich option that coincides with the rise of the Mediterranean-inspired food trend.
The newest location is on 150 E.52nd Street between 3rd and Lexington Avenue