Trending Now: Smoked Foods, Drinks and Desserts

It seems as though the bacon craze will be taking a break from the spotlight as the Summer hits for smoking anything that’s edible. The Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association says that 86% of American households already own a grill but sales of wood chips and planks are on the rise. Restaurants across the nation, with New York City leading the pack, are experimenting with smoking drinks, desserts and traditional meats.
From D.I.Y. devices like the Smoking Gun to specialty wood chip shops like The Woodman (Brooklyn) and New York City’s Mas (la grillade) offering smoked white chocolate mousse with charred cherries and brown butter cake, the “smoked” trend seems like a keeper

Lanbrot Bakery opens up their 2nd location in the Lower East Side

After the April opening of the first location in the West Village, Lanbrot now has another location that will be serving up German bread, pretzels, beer, coffee and much more.
Lanbrot Bakery is located on 185 Orchard Street between Stanton and E. Houston Street