New on the Menu: Jack in the Box’s Late-Night Proposition

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“Jack in the Box is expanding its “french fries in a box” concept to two more potato, fat, and dairy concoctions that would make any cardiologist squirm. In the company’s defense, they’re going to try just about anything to keep their franchisees happy right now. Also in Jack’s defense? It doesn’t have the meal in this installment that must worry doctors the most.

Every few weeks Skift Table will wrap up the latest seasonal and new items on chain restaurant menus in the United States. We don’t call out everything (sorry limited-time Pumpkin Spice something), but we will call out items that are notable for what they mean to a chain, the season, or consumer habits.”

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Mount Mozzarella: The US Cheese Surplus Piles Up

CHEESEThere are 1.3 billion pounds of cheese in storage this year.  That’s a lot.  That’s the record, in fact, and it’s a global phenomenon that we’re struggling to deal with.  Two years ago, dairy farmers responded to a spike in demand by massively increasing production, but that demand has trailed off, and our supply is now bulging like a ball of mozzarella.

Fortunately, the USDA is making a conscientious move to help those in need: by purchasing $20 million of the surplus to give to food banks across the country.  This is great for food banks, which don’t usually get much of the good stuff.  However, it’s only a small shred in the pile–less than 1% of the 1.3 billion pounds in storage.

Additionally, it won’t do much for the falling milk price, which is hurting groceries across the country.  In fact, “The Chicago Mercantile Exchange spot prices for cheddar cheese were down following the announcement,” said Mark Stephenson, director of dairy policy analysis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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California’s Homemade Food Act Creates 1,200 Jobs

Nearly 1,200 jobs have been generated since the California Homemade Food Act passed in August 2012, reports Serious Eats. This bill allows small business owners who produce “cottage foods” from their home kitchens to sell their goods at farmer’s markets, to retailers and from home. Products containing meat, dairy or seafood are not permitted in the bill, and producers must first pass a food safety class before they can sell. The foods that can be sold include breads, jams, candies, nut butters, mustards and more. Several other states are hopping on the “cottage food” bandwagon as well.

Chelsea’s Table Dairy Bar Window is now open

Chelsea’s Tables now has a walk-up window serving smoothies and frozen yogurt made from Stonyfield Farm Organic products.
Chelsea’s Table Dairy Bar is located at Chelsea Piers (Pier 62) near West 22nd Street

Bedford Cheese Shop presents The Cheese of Holland tonight at 7pm

Greg Blais, head cheesemonger of Eataly, will be teaching you all about the Dutch cheese named Gouda. The informational raw cheese tasting will be paired with a full-bodied beer selection.
Tickets are still available. Purchase them now

Retail food prices declined slightly in the second quarter

After an increase in the first quarter of 2012, dairy, eggs and meat see a slight drop in retail prices for the second quarter. The American Farm Bureau Federation Marketbasket Survey shows that the total cost of 16 food items used to prepare traditional meals at home is down by 3%.
One factor contributing to the decline in retail prices is lower wholesale meat prices

Raw Milk Recall: Possible E.Coli contamination from NY farm

During a scheduled routine sample by the New York State Agriculture, a strain of E.Coli was found in the Castle Farms’ raw milk. The upstate farm suspended all raw milk sales until test samples have been confirmed.
The Department’s Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services conducted the sample test