Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. are bringing back Froot Loops Mini Donuts

Froot Loops Mini Donuts return to Carl's Jr. and Hardee's restaurants for a limited time.

“Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are bringing back their popular Froot Loops Mini Donuts.

The miniature doughnuts, inspired by the Kellogg’s cereal, will be available for a limited time starting Feb. 25 at participating Hardee’s and Feb. 27 at Carl’s Jr. restaurants, parent company CKE Restaurants announced Tuesday. They come in five colors – red, yellow, purple, green and blue – and taste like their smaller cereal counterparts. A five-pack starts at $1.99 and they will be available all day, not just for breakfast.

“Froot Loops Mini Donuts are the perfect anytime snack and will bring any consumer back to their childhood,” Owen Klein, CKE Restaurants vice president global culinary innovation, said in a statement. “We know our fans craved these nostalgic treats, and we’re thrilled to bring this fun innovation back to our menu this spring.”

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The Absolute Best Rugelach in New York

Orwashers Bakery

“Amidst the many delights at this iconic New York bakery — sour-cherry-jelly doughnuts, sticky-bun babka, black-and-whites — the rugelach more than hold their own. The twisted nuggets of shortbread pastry glisten with mouth-puckering raspberry or apricot jam — arguably the preeminent jam in the rugelach oeuvre. And they come packed with chewy bites of raisins, a scattering of sunflower seeds, and, if you’re making your rugelach run at the original Upper East Side location, a sultry dip into melted baking chocolate.”

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Here Come The Cake Doughnuts!

We, for one, could not be more excited about the arrival of cake doughnuts at our neighborhood doughnut shop, Dough. TaraPaige Group’s dear friend Fany Gerson, expert doughnut maker for Dough, has revealed that cake doughnuts will be making their debut in upcoming weeks. The three flavors they will be available in include apple-pear cider, chocolate malt, and buttermilk (or possibly sour cream, still deciding).

Dough has a location in Brooklyn at 305 Franklin Ave, as well as in Manhattan at 14 W 19th St, New York. Pies ‘N’ Thighs will also be soon introducing new sourdough doughnuts, so it is a great time for doughnut lovers in the city! For more details on the doughnuts or to see a picture of the doughnut maker, click here.

Doughnut Plant Opens Brooklyn Outpost

Early yesterday morning Doughnut Plant opened its first Brooklyn outpost, right in time for the holidays! There were already guests waiting at the door before the shop’s bright and early opening at 6:30AM. This outpost will be offering all the signature Doughnut Plant flavor of doghnuts, such as peanut butter and jelly and tres leches, as well as some seasonal flavors. The holiday doughnuts include marzipan-glazed yeast doughnuts in the shape of stars, gingerbread and panettone cake doughnuts.

Doughnut Plant serves coffee from Toby’s Estate, Intelligentsia and is also currently serving from City of Saints, a guest roaster. There is a considerable amount of seating available at this Brooklyn location which is larger in size to the Lower East Side location and more comparable to the Chelsea outpost. Mark Israel, the owner, has decorated the shop with a lining of doughnut-shaped terra cotta tiles that were made by his father.

To see photos of the new Doughnut Plant outpost in Brooklyn, click here

The shop is located at 245 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York.

Welcome Autumn With Cider Doughnuts

With the change of seasons and arrival of Autumn comes a certain craving for all that is pumpkin spiced, but also for delicious apple cider doughnuts. If you are not able to take the trip upstate New York to try different farm stands’ delicious apple cider donuts, below is a selection of the best places to satisfy this seasonal craving right here in Manhattan. From food trucks to bakeries and green markets there are many spots to find cider doughnuts in the city.

  • Dough: This bakery can be found in Bed-Stuy, with a first Manhattan location in the works.  Dough is launching a pear-apple cider doughnut next month that promises to be very special.
  • Doughnuttery: This bakery can be found at pop ups such as Maddison Square Eats, but also has a home at the Chelsea Market. Doughnuts can be purchased by the bag in seasonal flavors such as tart mulled green apple or sweet red apple.
  • The Cinnamon Snail: This food truck actually carries a delicious cider doughnut year round! This prize-winning food truck makes their doughnut with local cider, fried in organic oil, and topped with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Carpe Donut: Another food truck, Carpe Donut came to New York last year and made its way into Cheap Eats 2013. You will be tempted by the FroDo, a doughnut sandwich with a vanilla ice cream middle. Follow @CarpeDonutNYC on Twitter to see when and where you can get your hands on a FroDo!

To see more places throughout New York to get your Fall Doughnut fix, click here

Thanksgivukkah Doughnuts

Alphabet City’s Zucker Bakery announced plans to introduce a treat that embodies the best of both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving: the “Thanksgivukkah” doughnut. The four versions of this savory holiday hybrid snack range from $3.50 to $5. These are the fillings, each enveloped by spiced pumpkin dough and powdered sugar:

Sweet Potato with Toasted Marshmallow

Turkey Cranberry

Turkey Gravy


Psycho Donuts: Mashup Doughnuts in California

Prior to the Cronut, Psycho Donuts was creating hybrid doughnuts on the West Coast, and plans to franchise. The two unit shop spoke with NRN about their concept and plans. The restaurants have a comic mental-hospital theme: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” meets Tim Burton. Read the full story here.