Tulum’s Gitano Opens Tropical Outdoor Soho Restaurant

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.09.05 AM.png

“The 24,000-square-foot seasonal restaurant from co-owners James Gardner and Melissa Perlman opens to the public at 76 Varick St., at Canal Street.A representative tells Eater that the menu of Mexican fare, cooked on open fire, will be limited until mid-July. At a preview on Thursday night, dishes included grilled avocado with almonds, ceviche verde with lychees, and chicken tinga on sopes, according to a statement.”

“It’s a massive enterprise, packed with some 400 seats and bar area, including lots of wooden furniture, loungey seating, and tons and tons of plants to make the space mimic the jungle of the original outpost. An urban farm, a clothing boutique, a meditation area, and a coffee bar are also on the grounds.”

Read more here.

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