How to Survive Year 1: A Reflection With 2018 JBF Best Chef Nominee


“What advice would you give other chefs looking to open their own restaurant?
Can I say “don’t do it”? Is that allowed? In Chicago, and across the country, every day there are new restaurants opening. Whether you are a chef or ops/FOH person, you better make sure you have a strong partner doing it with you. I would never recommend doing it without that. And be really f**king sure there is nothing else on this planet that you could do with your time. You should only open a restaurant if there is nothing else that is going to make you happy. It’s so hard and it’s so uniquely challenging and the competition is fiercer every day for guests and also for team members. The craziest thing is when you see somebody open a restaurant that does not have a chef partner and then you watch chefs go in and out; anyone without a strong partner is probably doomed for failure.”

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Anthony Bourdain’s Biography Will Be Released in 2019

Anthony Bourdain was a man who was often at work: on Parts Unknown, on a business venture, or on a manuscript for a new book. So while it may not seem much of a surprise that Bourdain’s story will continue, today there’s news of a forthcoming biography that sounds like it will follow a nontraditional format, and one that’s particularly suited to the late writer and television personality’s unpredictable life.

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