Why Do Some Parts of New York Have So Many Subways While Others Have None?

The New York City Subway is the lifeblood of the city, yet it seems perpetually embroiled in crisis; though it’s currently caught in a terrible backlog of deferred maintenance, the city can’t function without it, as the mounting panic over next year’s L train shutdown makes clear. Yet as a circulatory system, it leaves certain limbs significantly undernourished.

Why was there only one line for the whole East Side of Manhattan until the Second Avenue line finally opened last year? Why does the G train wind so lonely and awkwardly from Brooklyn to Queens? Why are the downtown Brooklyn lines such a chaotic thicket of difficult transfers, while other densely populated parts of the borough, like East Flatbush, are devoid of service?

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NYC’s New Restaurant Openings – May

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.27.31 AM.png

“The Arlo Soho hotel just updated their outdoor spaces for the summer. On the indoor-outdoor rooftop, you’ll find large-batch cocktails and bar snacks. On their summer-camp-themed patio, they have backyard games and daily hot dog specials named after different national parks.

If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in New York City, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead. These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential.”

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