Watch: New York City’s Go-To Spot for Sashimi After Midnight


Stateside, it’s not uncommon for omakase to be someone’s dinner of choice, but in Japan, omakase is traditionally reserved for the daytime, with yakitori and izakaya dining taking its place in the evenings. Since opening in 2002, chef Seki Shi has been pushing this envelope by keeping his New York City restaurant Sushi Seki open until 2:30 a.m. nightly.

Over 15 years later, Seki is a late-night favorite for chefs and restaurant owners looking for quality fish and seafood once their restaurants close for the night. In this episode of Eater’s Omakase, a visit to Sushi Seki’s flagship Times Square location, where chef Shi stresses the importance of two things: rice and fish, no matter what the hour.

Watch the clip here

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