Please Enjoy a Heartwarming Story About Huge Tips Saving Christmas for a Bunch of Servers


Surprise: Here’s some news to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the world, even if only for a fleeting moment. In the past few days, Americans have really been getting into the true holiday spirit — they’re leaving servers generous tips and heartfelt messages of thanks.

At a diner near Seattle this weekend, a regular customer left a tip that mathematically works out to about 7,600 percent: Dwayne Clark, a local businessman ABC News says has been eating at Brief Encounter for eight years, left the restaurant’s 12-person staff $3,000 on his $39 meal. He also scribbled a note on the back of his receipt that said, “You guys do a great job! When I was 7, I washed dishes and my mom cooked in a diner like this, we were dirt poor and didn’t have money for Christmas. Hopefully, this will help all of you have a better Christmas.”

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How To Take The Best Food Photos With Your Phone, According To An Expert


Admit it: You take the occasional food photo on your phone. You might even do it a lot. If you’re not guilty of this all too common practice, you must know someone who is. At some point, you’ve probably patiently awaited permission to dig into your entree while someone’s iPhone hovers over your plate. And, cringing as you witness the unappetizing photo going up on Instagram, you’ve probably wondered how much more space these kinds of humble brags can take up on the Internet.

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