Please Enjoy a Heartwarming Story About Huge Tips Saving Christmas for a Bunch of Servers


Surprise: Here’s some news to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the world, even if only for a fleeting moment. In the past few days, Americans have really been getting into the true holiday spirit — they’re leaving servers generous tips and heartfelt messages of thanks.

At a diner near Seattle this weekend, a regular customer left a tip that mathematically works out to about 7,600 percent: Dwayne Clark, a local businessman ABC News says has been eating at Brief Encounter for eight years, left the restaurant’s 12-person staff $3,000 on his $39 meal. He also scribbled a note on the back of his receipt that said, “You guys do a great job! When I was 7, I washed dishes and my mom cooked in a diner like this, we were dirt poor and didn’t have money for Christmas. Hopefully, this will help all of you have a better Christmas.”

Read the full article here

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