Steak Tartare Is Having a Fresh Moment in NYC


The result is much richer than the equivalent hamburger patty and much fresher tasting, with notes of minerality. The dish often comes with toasts, cornichons, and sometimes lettuces. Here are some of our favorite versions of steak tartare.

Chez Ma Tante

This Canadian-themed Greenpoint restaurant helmed by chefs whose resume includes Altro Paradiso and M. Wells makes a chunky tartare. Served with grilled toasts and a dab of aioli, inviting you to make an open-face sandwich, the appetizer ($16) comes flavored with mustard seeds and a squirt of fish sauce. The parsnip chips on top are too frail to use as scoops, but deliver a nice crunch nonetheless. 90 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, 718- 389-3606

Check out more restaurants here

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