Olmstead’s Greg Baxtrom to Open Second Restaurant

xl_14846_greg-baxtrom-tpBaxtrom looks to build on the momentum achieve in 2017 with the opening of another restaurant across the street. Olmstead has been a critic’s darling in 2017 and has received many accolades. Based on liquor license filings, Baxtrom will be opening a 75-seat bistro across the street from Olmstead.

You can read more reporting about the new opening here.

Catch Your Own Dinner at Zauo


Zauo is opening soon in Chelsea. When it does, the Japanese chain will begin introducing diners to the concept of truly working for their meal. Guests at Zauo sit in boats and cast lines in the hopes of catching their dinner. The fish tank will be stocked with 10 different kinds of fish. Of course, if you want a typical dining experience you can always head to the top of the three-story restaurant and eat sushi.


You can learn more about Zauo here.