Cream Cheese Store Opening in East Village

The store will open today, July 27th, located on 122 7th St.

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Dominique Ansel and Dan Barber Team Up

This week only, you can purchase a collaborative dish by Ansel and Barber at Dominque Ansel Kitchen in the West Village. The pair have developed a dish featuring a scotch egg with fresh baby corn and corn mustard on the side. The pair is calling the dish “Scotch Egg Roulette” because the chickens whence the eggs have come were fed a diet including red peppers. Because of this, one out of every few dozen yolks will be colored bright red. No one will know what color their yolk is until they begin eating!

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Two More Restaurants Close in Union Square

Union Square mainstays Republic and Blue Water Grill will close by the end of the year due to rent increases. In what is becoming the increasingly common norm, both restaurants have stated that their new rent prices are unsustainable; both businesses feel they have no other option but to close their doors. Blue Water Grill is facing a rent bill north of $2 million annually, while the tax bill on the building that houses Republic has increased over 500% since the 90s.


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Scientists Have Discovered a Way To Improve Food Production

Having successfully analyzed the wheat genome, which is 4 times the size of a human genome and much more complex, scientists have discovered a way to produce wheat in a more efficient way.

“…many modern what cultivars are susceptible to water stress…[the] utilization of the wild genes in wheat breeding programs promotes producing more yield for less water.”

Dr. Zvi Peleog – Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Food-and-Wine Pairings For Beginners

Pairing food with wine is simpler than you think!

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Mayahuel to Close

The eight-year-old cocktail bar was unable to renew its lease with the landlord. Mayahuel played a part in the rise of single-spirit centric cocktail bars and helped popularize tequila and mezcal as spirits that could be used for purposes other than making a margarita. The establishment was roundly well-received and appreciated – in 2009 the NYT wrote that it “[was] the world’s first tequila bar with a hypothesis…”


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Brooklyn Establishment – Franny’s to Close its doors


This is really happening: Franny’s has long been among the best places in Brooklyn to get pizza — no small feat — as well as a neighborhood favorite for straightforward Italian food, with one of the most impressive wine lists in the city. But according to a note sent out this afternoon (and a message on the restaurant’s website), owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg will close Franny’s for good after service on Sunday, August 20, though they promise the restaurant “will continue in some way in the future.”

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