All ShopHouse Asian Kitchen Restaurant will Shut Down March 17


ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, or simply ShopHouse, is an American restaurant chain specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine.ShopHouse first opened in 2011 and served customizable rice, noodle, and salad bowls with curry, tamarind, peanut, and chili sauces and assorted toppings. It is continuing popular at North American for couple years. Five months ago Chipotle said it would stop investing in the growth and development of its Asian-inspired ShopHouse Kitchen chain, the company announced plans to close all 15 locations, essentially abandoning the brand. The mainly reason cause Chipotle shutting down all restaurant because massive food safety scandal makes restaurant’s sale decline since 2015. After Chipotle shuts down Shophouse Kitchen, it is hanging on to its two other spinoffs: Tasty Made, a fast-casual burger concept that launched in October 2016, and Pizzeria Locale, an assembly-line pizza concept.

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