Andrew Tarlow Takes the Lead Against Tipping with a Sticker For Your Window

03-gratuity-free-logo.w901.h901.jpgDanny Meyer may have been the first to really make headlines by eliminating tipping, but Andrew Tarlow has now gone a step further by taking on the anti-tipping movement’s PR as well. Marlow recently pitched a standard sign which he believes all gratuity free restaurants should display in their windows in order to help retrain guests who have spent their whole lives living in a world of tips.

The logo is custom designed by Drew Heffron, a graphic designer Tarlow has used before for the menus at some of his restaurants. The move is clearly well thought out, and even the wording – “Gratuity Free Establishment” rather than “No Tipping Allowed” is design to make guests more comfortable with the change. First restaurants went Smoke Free, now they’re going Gratuity Free.

The logo is already on display at Tarlow’s Roman’s, and will be added to Diner and Marlow & Sons soon. It is also available open source from

To read more, click here

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