How Bad was Jonas for New York Restaurants?


In preparation for the blizzard this weekend, residents up and down the East Coast cleared out grocery stores and prepared to hunker down for the weekend. Many restaurateurs followed Mayor De Blasio’s urging and shut down operations on Saturday, although there were notable exceptions (including Mario Batali and Andrew Carmellini). It’s no surprise that restaurants took a financial hit; according to restaurant reservation app Resy, same-day reservations were down 88% on Saturday and 38% on Sunday, decreasing weekly reservations by 25% from the previous week.

Food delivery also suffered, and GrubHub reported to Bloomberg that they were dealing with a record number of refunds for undelivered orders. They did not offer any exact numbers, but considering they were also offering a 10% discount during the storm, it’s likely the weekend was particularly hard on their bottom line.

New York is cleaning up this week, and most restaurants are open for business once again. If you’ve burned through all the milk and bread you purchased last week, considering heading out and giving your neighborhood spot some love. Just make sure to wear your snow-boots.

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