The Lucky Bee Promises Both Flash and Substance in LES


Photo via The Lucky Bee’s Facebook page

Although they have no set opening date (Facebook messages promise “about two weeks”), The Lucky Bee on Broome street is already generating  exciting press for their Thai street-food/Asian-fusion concept. Conceived by Rupert Noffs and chef Matty Bennett (formerly of the Fat Radish), the Lucky Bee looks to be a brightly colored, design-heavy confection of a restaurant; the interior, menu and website are all splashed with neon pink, and in some cases they literally flash. But Noffs and Bennett have a more serious mission beyond the aesthetic, with a mission to provide original Thai-influenced cuisine not available anywhere else in Manhattan, and a major locavore bent.

And while the term “locavore” (or “farm-to-table”) might seem like more of an empty prerequisite than a real statement these days, The Lucky Bee is at least serious about respecting their namesake. The cocktail list features drinks made with local honey, and a dollar from each drink sold goes to the New York Beekeeper’s Association. They even hope to keep their own hive on the roof soon. With the troubling free fall of honey bee populations in the past few years, the pollinators could certainly use some PR men with as much design sense and culinary chops as Noffs and Bennett. Hopefully their momentum continues well past opening.

To read more, click here.

UPDATE: The Lucky Bee is now open! They began serving dinner January 21st.

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