Eat Less “Healthy” Food in 2016

As the last days of December wind to a close, many people will be finalizing their lists of new year’s resolutions. And while it is always a good idea to renew your commitment to your health, family, friends and environment, you might want to rethink any resolutions to “eat healthy.”

Researchers from he University of Texas recently published an article in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Affairs asserting that when foods are labeled “healthy,” people tend to perceive them as less filling, and eat more as a result. Of course, eating a large volume of kale and quinoa salad is certainly better than eating a large volume of sugary treats, and the researchers don’t recommend ignoring nutritional information. The danger is that many foods can be marketed as healthy in ways that fool the brain into thinking we should eat more than necessary. Labeling like “all natural” and “low fat” are common examples. So this new year, remember to take health claims with a grain of salt – especially when you’re browsing the “low sodium” section.

To read more, click here.

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