McDonald’s to Sell Monster Energy Drinks

21-mcdonalds-monster.w529.h529-1“All-Day breakfast” has become a major spur for McDonalds, and now executives have released that more implementations will take part for McDonalds. One of these will be to sell Monster energy drinks as part of value meals. “We’re always gathering feedback form customers on the food and beverages they’d like to be served at McDonald’s.” a representative said. Implementing Monster in value meals is still in limited trial at 20 locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and Illinois. The chain says that many people are coming in to just purchase Monster, and the deal in itself could potentially be worth billions for Monster. Because, Monster is now distributed by Coke the logistics of selling Monster is fairly simple for McDonald’s as they are in partners with Coke products.

While many consumers have expressed negativity to levels of sodium and other unhealthy factors of McDonald’s, selling loads of caffeinated drinks can be a concern. The FDA has been reviewing “hundreds” or so-called “adverse event” reports involving energy drinks, and recent studies have connected them to hypertension and high chances of traumatic brain injury in athletes The American Medical Association says it should be illegal to market the beverages to anyone under 18. These regulations can potentially disregard McDonald’s plans of selling Monster drinks in all locations.

However, McDonald’s right now, don’t seem to be concerned with these rioting regulations. A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the company is also testing a value deal of two 16 ounce cans of Monster for $4.

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