Maple to Expand its Delivery Zone

grandarmy_maple_identity_01Maple is a newly launched service where food is prepared in a commissary kitchen in Brooklyn, then is delivered in a network of neighborhood delivery kitchen hubs. David Chang, a major influence in the New York City restaurant industry, is a partner with Maple delivery services and its products. When it launched in April, it only delivered below Chambers Street. However, starting tomorrow, Maple will expand its delivery zone to serve parts in West Village, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Tribeca, Lolita, and Little Italy. CEO Caleb Merkl said “The thing about growth for us is that, because we actually are building out the infrastructure with more neighborhood kitchens, the reality is a we gain more density, the model actually gets even better.”

The lunch and dinner options will cost $12 and $15 respectively. There will be new signature green juice, drinks selections, and dessert collaborations with Christina Tosi. Menus include dishes like wild albacore tuna nicoise salad, lamb kofta with coriander yogurt vinaigrette, spicy shrimp stew, and herb grilled garlic chicken, and smoked-brisket sandwich, peppered pro steak, and red-wine braised short ribs.

Maple’s concept is that all food is made to travel, and kitchens are optimized so orders arrive in 30 minutes or less. “You get online, you order, and there’s basically a giant marketing channel that pushes an order onto a restaurant, and that restaurant wasn’t necessarily built with delivery in mind,” Merkl says.

To read more, click here.

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