Starbucks to Open in Italy

tumblr_ln4cgtXgr41qb0glco1_500Starbuck’s is a global chains with locations all over the world. However, one major hub that the company has difficulty entering into is Italy. However, Howard Schultz has announced its plans to expand with a franchising partnership with Antonio Percassi. Antonio Percassi is a businessman who gave Italy Victoria’s Secret and Zara. It is rumored that there will be an official Starbucks by Christmas.

Schultz has been planning his expansion into Italy, but because of Italy’s peculiar culture of coffee and cappuccinos, it has become difficult. However, Starbucks alters its menu to cater to regional tastes like Japan’s espresso-lemon lattes. Starbuck’s plans to colonize Italy by creating cafés to be high-tech meet-up spots where middle-aged bankers, lawyers, and businesspeople can sit in quasi-comfy chairs and use free WiFi.

To read more, click here.

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