Taco Bell Hops onto the Veggie Trend

taco-bell-veggie.0.0The world-wide shift to vegetarian based, and overall healthier foods has become apparent in the food industry. Taco Bell, a Mexican-food chain, is the first major fas-food company to offer a certified-vegetarian menu. The American Vegetarian Association confirmed menu items to be meat-free. Taco Bell will offer 13 different items including the Cantina Power Veggie Bowl, and the Seven-layer Burrito.

Customers can view the vegetarian categories through the company’s website and the mobile-ordering application. However, while this category may seem new to consumers, CEO Brian Niccol regards this “shift” as something that has already been implemented in Taco Bell’s menus as they already sell 350 million vegetarian menu items a year. However, now they just make it more apparent and clearer as a vegetarian option.

Vegetarians will be able to combine 35 certified-vegetarian ingredients to create different vegetarian combinations. There will also be an option to substitute beans for meat. This array of options will ideally appeal to a bigger market for Taco Bell- vegetarians. Moreover, Taco Bell has also announced that along with the vegetarian option they do have 26 items that are certified-vegan ingredients that vegans can combine as their own meal.

With many fast-food chains restaurants becoming less appealing to consumers, Taco Bell’s efforts to shift their brand image and appeal to a healthier menu choice can potentially create customers in more markets like vegetarian and vegan.

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