Cage-Free Eggs at Starbucks

UnknownStarbucks has announced their “Animal Welfare-Friendly Practices” plan where they will source food items that are from animal protected welfare companies. The Human Society immediately praised Starbucks on their new program as “the most comprehensive animal welfare policy of any national restaurant chain.” Starbucks’ largest action within the program is to source more humanely raised eggs. However, Starbucks predicts their company change in all locations in North America will take five years max.

Starbucks has been making efforts to make the witch since 2008. They have released that they have made “significant progress” with farmers, enough to pledge to be entirely cage-free by 2020. Not only did Starbucks pledge to source eggs from cage-free hens, they have announce plans to phase out gestation crates for pigs, eliminate growth hormones and end other inhumane farming practices.

While Starbucks’ shift is commendable for advocates in animal-welfare, some worry that there will be a shortage of eggs. Like Starbucks, other restaurant chains are shifting to sourcing materials from Animal Welfare farmers. McDonalds has been working on their switch since 2010, and are now committed to going cage-free. U.S. supplies, however, just revived from the worst-ever bird flu epidemic.

Many companies are creating shifts to animal welfare policies, and creating more demand for organic, humane sources.

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