July 16th

One of the biggest summer food CJbAFC2UEAA5N1Ktrends is fried chicken sandwiches and Shake Shack is taking their approach to this market with their ChickenShack. This fried chicken sandwich is “limited edition” and can only be found in three locations in Brooklyn. While this “limited edition” burger was available for a short span, the success of the burgers have encouraged the sandwich to be offered in a larger span. On July 16th, the ChickenShack will be available for more consumers.

While a fried chicken sandwich is only recently a trending food buzz with openings of Fuku Chicken sandwiches, Shake Shack claims to have already been investing in creating the perfect fried chicken sandwich from almost two years ago. The sandwich has been tested a number of techniques including marinating, grilling and even sous of the chicken breast before deep frying. Mark Rosati, Shake Shack culinary director, uses a slow cooking method similar to sous vide cooking, using buttermilk for their chicken. They’ve tried whole wheat, pretzel and other substitutes to the Martin’s potato bun, the buns on their burgers, but claim that the Martin’s bun was the best combination for best displaying the flavors of the chicken itself. The ChickenShack was inspired by Southern buttermilk fried chicken where breast meat is used.

As much as a lot of time and effort was invested into creating a ChickenShack, a lot of social media, and consumers are buzzing about the “limited edition” sandwiches and are enthusiastic about its return on July 16th.

To read more about the ChickenShack, click here.

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