José Andrés to Open in NYC

With the recent controversy of Donald Trump’s10-questions-jose-andres_608 disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants in his recent campaign post for the upcoming Presidential elections, José Andrés has backed out of a contract with Trump Hotels in Washington D.C. José Andrés says Trump’s stance makes it “impossible” for him to move forward with the restaurant on Trump property because more than half the team is Hispanic, and the chef himself is a Spanish immigrant. Donald Trump Jr. claims that José Andrés will still be held responsible for their 10-year leased contract and other fees for terminating their contract including possibilities of opening The Bazaar in another property within Washington D.C. However, José Andrés was surely able to find alternative measures to open a new restaurant, and instead of D.C his EL Bulli-style spherical olives and his Spanish restaurant The Bazaar has been rumored to be opening a SLS property in NYC. It is no surprise that José Andrés will be partnering with Hotel chain SLS as they have been longtime partners from the opening of his first location of The Bazaar at one of SLS’s properties in Beverly Hills. José Andrés is also serving as the hotel chain’s culinary director. While the rumor of José Andrés opening a restaurant in NYC still remains, some speculate that José Andrés is only advising in the development of the new Hotel SLS restaurant in NYC and has no intentions of opening in NYC. Nonetheless, many speculators are excited to see which new location José Andrés will enter.

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