Cinnabon Taking Action Against Single Product Branding

The fast-food chain Cinnabon is exploring the idea of setting up stand-alone shops serving artisanal bon bons called Bon Bake Shop. Beginning mid-Sepember this year at Willowbrook Mall in Houston, Cinnabon will test the waters with the new Bon Bake Shop. The goal of this experiment is to have smaller, less caloric items that will attract guests who wouldn’t normally be customers at a Cinnabon. Taco Bell did a similar experiment and opened an eatery near Los Angeles called U.S. Taco Co. which is a higher end equivalent to the Mexican fast food chain.

Chief of Marketing for Cinnabon Kristen Hartman explains that, “The next big thing in indulgence is small…people are all about bite-sized and sharing, ” so the smaller bon bons will include fun frostings such as Birthday Cake, Maple Bacon, Wild Berries & Cream and S’mores. The shop will also be offering Whoopie pies and some savory items as well, such as cheese rolls and twists. The “minibons” will also be sold in small 4-packs as well as a 16 pack and will have rotating flavors such as Toasted Coconut and Bavarian Cream Pie amongst others. These would be a great option to bring to the office or as a gift or even just an afternoon snack.

The whole look of the new shop will also be different to its parent company’s blue and white theme; it will have warmer color tones with a more understated feel.  Although there will only be three locations in the first year, it will be a great opportunity for Cinnabon to extend the brand and attract franchisees by showing how they can reach a new audience by still using the same supply chain. If the first location in Houston shows a great success in sales, Cinnabon may end up deciding to implement some of the minibons into their current Cinnabon menus. Overall the move towards diversification is fueled by the risks that come with building a brand around a single product; which is essentially what led to Crumbs’ bankruptcy.  To read more about how Cinnabon is attempting to broaden their appeal with the new Bon Bake Shop, click here


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