Chick-fil-A Revamping Coffee Offerings

As Chick-fil-A grows their breakfast business they have decided it was time to upgrade their coffee brew. David Farmer, Vice President of Product Strategy and Development for Chick-fil-A states that the chain’s diners, “might put up with our coffee, but that’s a limiting factor in growing our breakfast business.” Breakfast is currently the fastest growing day part in the QSR food business and having a great cup of coffee is crucial to be considered a top player.

Yesterday Chick-fil-A announced that they would be substituting their current brew for a new specialty-grade coffee from a supplier that shares its revenue with farmers called Thrive. Chick-fil-A will also add a breakfast staple to their menu, iced coffee, which will also draw in afternoon traffic. The chain has also given new instructions to their restaurants to brew smaller pots of coffee so the taste will be fresher. For the past year Chick-fil-A has been developing their coffee program in Philadelphia, Nashville and Phoenix where coffee sales increased by 35 percent; the expectation of this new coffee program in stores is that it will double current coffee sales.

To read more about the new specialty brew coffee items on the Chick-fil-A menu, click here

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