Emmy Squared to Hit Manhattan in June


The popular Brooklyn restaurant is scheduled to open its first Manhattan outpost next month. The team behind Emily and Emmy Squared will be opening in the old Blue Ribbon Bakery Kitchen. The space comes equipped with a 150-year-old wood-fired oven. You can expected more of their pizza as well as curly fries at the new location.


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Alamo Drafthouse Could Be Opening in the Financial District

00-00-00-08-06-20-80620_2140947_800_423_81_sReports indicate that Alamo Drafthouse is close to opening its first Manhattan location at 28 Liberty Street. Danny Meyer also plans to open a new operation at this location once the buildout is complete. Alamo Drafthouse offers a full-service movie theater experience. They expect to have 600 seats and 10 screens at this location if they do indeed sign the lease. In particular, this model seems to be growing across the country as more and more people seek something more substantive than popcorn and soda during their dining experience.


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