More Restaurants Planning on Eliminating Tips

According to a new survey conducted by the American Express Restaurant Trade Survey, more restaurants around the country are planning on going tip-free.

Of the 503 restaurants surveyed, nearly half have either adopted or plan to adopt a no-tipping policy. Further results were:

  • 18%: Already initiated a no-tipping policy
  • 29%: Intend to make the switch
  • 27% Pro-tipping and have no plans to change
  • 17%: Open to making a move if more of their colleagues do
  • 10%: Undecided

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Food Loves Tech: Touch The Food Chain Of Tomorrow, Today


A collaboration with Vayner Media, this eats-of-tomorrow gathering in the Waterfront Tunnel in Manhattan will allow attendees to see, smell, touch and taste the food culture of the near future.

Food Loves Tech is your chance to walk up to vertical farms, taste-test crickets, review dozens of food system apps, and talk to the inventors behind juicebots and beerbots, food computers for your home, and smart kitchens that listen to your food.


Event details are as follows:

Food Loves Tech
June 11–12, 2016
The Waterfront
241 11th Ave (at 27th St), NYC

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