La Newyorkina Set to Open This Summer


We’re excited to announce that good colleague and friend Fany Gearson, the chef and co-owner of Dough and mastermind behind Mexican sweets maker La Newyorkina, will be opening an ice cream shop of the same name this summer. Although some may be craving the refreshing treats already in this Spring weather, hopefully the months will fly by until June or July, when La Newyorkina will open at 240 Sullivan Street. The shop will be a “celebration of Mexican sweets,” says Gearson, who grew up in Mexico City.

One thing is for sure – the options available will keep guests coming back well into Fall and Winter. Expect over 15 types of ice cream and slushy, at least 30 flavors of paletas, fruit flavored chamuyadas (imagine the best slushy you’ve ever had), and a brand new frozen treat for Gearson: the nieve de garrafa, a delicate frozen custard churned with a paddle.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to Fany, and look forward to visiting with joy and excitement.

To read more, click here.



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