Australians Will Be the First to Try Domino’s Robotic Pizza Delivery

Domino’s has long billed itself as being on the forefront of delivery technology, from cars with ovens inside to early adoption of order tracking. It’s no surprise that they would be moving to the next logical step of robotic pizza delivery, with DRU (the Domino’s Robotic Unit), a friendly-looking but military-grade robot built by Australian start-up Marathon Robotics and unveiled this past Thursday.

DRU is indeed built from military technology, outfitted with GPS tracking  and a few pizza-delivery-specific features, like a pizza sized storage compartment that customers can unlock with a code sent to their phones when the robot arrives. In theory, that high-grade tech allows DRU to navigate obstacles and travel on sidewalks, bike paths and trails at speeds up to 20 km/hr.

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