Folgers Coffee Surpasses all Expectations

Ground Coffee copy.jpg

Current trend-watchers would be hard pressed to say that instant coffee is making a comeback. If anything, coffee these days is getting more and more upscale, and words like “single origin” are now almost expected in both coffee shops and pantries. All this makes it even more surprising that Folgers, the coffee brand largely known for its instant coffee and ear-worm of a jingle, is seeing an impressive increase in profits beyond what any investors expected. In the last quarter of 2015, those profits jumped 15%, causing parent company J.M. Sucker to sharply increase their earnings guidance for the year.

Folgers attributes its success to “on-trend” products like K-cups, although many would argue that that trend is doomed by its own wastefulness. The partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts to produce the K-cups, however, is undoubtedly a boon to their business. It’s possible that this profit spike is just the crest of that coffee pod wave, but Folgers is still betting that consumers will always have a place in their hearts for easy, and instantaneous, caffeination.

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